5 Engagement Trends You Need to Know

5 Engagement Trends You Need to Know | Cecil's Fine Jewelry

Spring has finally sprung here in Arkansas, and although we enjoy the sunshine and warm weather that come with it, there’s one thing that tops our list of things we love about spring– love.


Early spring tends to be the time when couples choose to commemorate that love with an engagement, and if you’re looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind ring for your once-in-a-lifetime love, we have it! Hold on to your wallet because we’ve got our exclusive list of this year’s most popular engagement ring styles that she’s sure to love.


Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are considered classics for a reason, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! This simple-yet-stunning cut is ideal for the bride who wants something unique, without the sacrifice of a traditional engagement ring.


East-West Setting

We predict that, in 2018, more and more brides will be opting for the oval cut mentioned above, but with an original spin– literally! Brides are swapping out their vertically-placed center stones for horizontally-faced ones, and in turn, amplifying their engagement rings from “unique” to “statement-making.”


Intricate Halos

Whether because of the vintage-inspired look or simply because it makes a diamond look larger, halo designs surrounding round or cushion diamonds have been growing in popularity over the past years. Now, we’re spotting more and more distinctive twists on this trend by decking out their halos with flowers, curves, petals and intricate details unique to the wearer.


360° Brilliance

Although the “bigger is better” mentality that’s been popular in years past is beginning to fade, brides-to-be haven’t marked glitz and glam off their wishlist just yet… it’s simply relocated. Intricate side details or diamond-accented baskets or shoulders on a ring ensure that her sparkler shines from all angles.


Rose Gold

Millennial Pink is everywhere this year– including on your finger! This gold and copper alloy has rapidly gained popularity due to its durability (it’s stronger than yellow and white gold!), affordability and appearance. With a warm and romantic style that’s flattering on all skin tones, it’s easy to see how this flirty look has been a staple of 2018 trends.


Whether you’re a trend-setter looking for a ring with all of these items and more, or you tend to prefer more of an understated look, we’re confident that our hand-selected bridal pieces at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry will be exactly what you’re looking for your “I do” moment. Take a scroll through some of our inventory here, then visit us in store to find your ring worthy of forever.

Jewelry Box Needs

5 Classics Your Jewelry Box Needs

Just like a little black dress or that pair of heels that can be worn with everything, our team at Cecil’s feels like there are certain jewelry box staples that every woman needs in her life. From a daytime desk job to a weekend away, these classic pieces will complement any outfit, for any occasion.


Pearls aren’t just for your grandmother… though we imagine she’d love a good pair, too! Whether you want to invest in a long strand of these sea gemstones or prefer simple studs, the understated elegance of pearls have been considered classy and sophisticated from decade to decade.

Good Watch

Don’t let this often overlooked practical piece fool you. A good watch should be filed in the same category as classic investment pieces like a tailored blazer or a leather handbag. A classic watch never goes out of style and can instantly upgrade any outfit. And as a bonus, it helps you stay on time!

Diamond studs

Whether big and bold or sleek and simple, many women believe that an outfit isn’t complete without a sparkly pair of diamond studs. Diamond studs consistently stand the test of time as classic, glamorous and one of the easiest ways to instantly elevate your look– the perfect finishing touch for a job interview or a night out.

Long necklace

Popular since the 1920s, an easy-to-wear long necklace is the key to instantly elongating your look and pulling together any outfit, whether styled classically or bohemian.

Hoop Earrings

Dramatic or dainty, simple hoop earrings are known to add instant interest, elegance and fun to the wearer’s outfit. Hoops are appreciated most for their versatility, pairing perfectly with both work-wear and jeans.


No matter your style preference, our team at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry works hard to hand-select both beautifully classic pieces and statement-makers that your wardrobe will thank you for. Don’t hesitate–visit us today to shop our selections!



How to Store Fine Jewelry

How to Store Fine Jewelry

At Cecil’s, we understand that the fine jewelry you choose to invest in is more than “just an investment”– it’s a point of sentimentality. From your grandmother’s engagement ring to the necklace your husband gave you for your first anniversary, your fine jewelry is meant to last for years to come, and it will if you follow these 5 tips.


Avoid Extremes

Just because you don’t wear certain pieces every day, doesn’t mean it’s time to pack them up and send them to the attic. In fact, areas with extreme temperatures or humidity (i.e. hot attics; drafty, cold closets and even steamy bathrooms) are some of the worst locations to store your jewelry. Instead, designate an area that maintains low humidity, like your bedroom, that will prevent your finest pieces from tarnishing under the stress.


Jewelry Box

With one stroll through a grocery store’s organization aisle, you’ll quickly realize that not all jewelry boxes are created equal. In the world of metal, wooden and even hard plastic jewelry organizers, opt for one with soft fabric lining instead. This eliminates the risk of damaging your gemstones on those frenzied mornings when you’re searching for a particular piece, and protects them from further tarnishing.


Hang Necklaces

Make knots, kinks and the “I can never wear this again because it’s too tangled” statement a thing of the past by hanging your necklaces on hooks. Not only do those messes cause frustration, but they also weaken, and sometimes even break, your jewelry.


Single Storage

Diamonds are the hardest stone on the market, and are capable of scratching any material softer than them– including other gemstones. While you don’t necessarily need to have a separate box for each stone, avoid storing them in stacks or piles. Choose, instead, to protect your finest pieces from scratches by keeping them in a tray or separator.



Sometimes it seems impossible to store your fine jewelry in a dry, organized and soft space, without feeling like it’s on display, front and center, for potential theft. You aren’t alone! Choose your most valuable pieces, and lock them in an inconspicuous location where you can follow our tips above. For added security, make sure your fine jewelry is insured. Stop by our store today for an appraisal from our Germological Institute of America Graduate Gemologist, Beverly Brannan.


The Five C’s of Diamond Shopping

The 5 C's of Diamond Shopping

Diamond shopping… It’s one of the most exciting (and likely most expensive) purchases you’ll ever make. Sure, they’re all sparkly and beautiful, and you may be tempted to immediately hand over your wallet to the first sales associate you see, but wait right there! With such an investment, you’ll want to be certain that you’re getting the absolute best value for your cost. That’s where our team of professionals at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry comes in– to educate you on more than just the four Cs you should keep in mind when diamond shopping– but the five.



As the most important “C’ on our list, it’s important that cut is always considered first. In fact, a diamond’s cut is so important that, even if the color and clarity are all perfect, a poorly cut or disproportioned diamond won’t be as eye-catching or shiny as it could be. Don’t make that mistake! In order to maximize your budget, we recommend opting for the highest diamond cut that your budget will allow. From there, everything else will fall into place.



The second thing your eye naturally notices after the cut’s sparkle, is also the second most important of our list– color, or lack thereof. Ranging on a scale from D (rare and absolutely colorless) to Z (light yellow or light brown), the less color that a diamond has, the higher the grade it will be. Colorless diamonds allow more light to be reflected in flashes often referred to as “fire”, whereas diamonds with noticeable color won’t have that same “fire” because they’re not as reflective.



Although diamonds without blemishes are rare, those with inclusions are often so microscopic that they’re quite literally overlooked. The clarity of a diamond is graded at a 10x magnification level. The fewer and less visible the diamond’s blemishes are, the higher the clarity grade it will be given.



The most known, yet also most objective and misunderstood, “C” on our list is carat. Contrary to popular belief, carat does not actually measure the size of a diamond, but instead, the weight of it in metric carats. The larger and heavier, a diamond is, the more increasingly rare it’s considered. Therefore, the diamond’s price-per-carat increases at an increasing rate as well.


Cecil’s Fine Jewelry

Though some people claim there are only four Cs to purchasing diamond, our team at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry likes to believe there are five! At Cecil’s, we hand-select each and every piece of jewelry, and do our best to help make every customers’ experience special. Visit us today to take a look at some of the most beautiful jewelry in Central Arkansas.