What are the four C’s I should know about when buying a diamond?

Diamonds are indeed eternal, and their value is based on what is referred to in the fine jewelry industry as the “4 C’s”. The price of a diamond is determined by the 4 C’s. At Cecil’s we make sure that our customers have complete understanding of their diamond purchase. We will work with you individually to find the perfect diamond, for the occasion, the wearer and your budget. We stock a large selection of loose diamonds, and offer custom design.

Should I buy a diamond or engagement ring on the internet?

This is never a good idea. You are making one of life’s biggest decisions, and only by working one-on-one with trusted, local professionals will you gain the comfort of knowing that you are assured of both quality and a fair price. Only by seeing and touching your diamond, can you be confident that you will actually receive the diamond you are selecting. At Cecil’s, we love jewelry, and love to share that knowledge, experience and passion with our customers. You deserve that personal touch. She’ll be wearing this ring forever, and at Cecil’s you’ll have the peace of mind of working with people you know. We will make sure your memories are preserved, and maintained, as all things precious should be!

Should I insure my jewelry, and does Cecil’s sell insurance?

Unfortunately in life, sometimes bad things happen! If you are a victim of theft, house fire, etc., you want to make sure that you are insured on your most valuable investments. This can be done with a standard jewelry appraisal, which we offer as a complimentary service, at the time of purchase. At Cecil’s, we cannot sell insurance directly to the customer, this being a conflict of interest, although we do offer information on jewelry insurance. Insurance is a very important part of any jewelry purchase, and a smart way of safeguarding your investments.

What is a diamond grading report?

A diamond grading report, sometimes called a certificate, is a complete and detailed explanation of a diamond’s key characteristics. They are as follows: cut, weight and dimensions. Many loose diamonds are graded by a laboratory independent of the jeweler so that purchasers can view an unbiased opinion of the diamonds unique characteristics and furthermore feel confident that their diamond is indeed of the quality that was represented. A certified diamond’s quality is guaranteed by the laboratory, and is obviously more valuable than an uncertified diamond. Our stones carry reports through GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European Gemological Laboratories), or AGS (American Gem Society). Our graduate gemologist, Beverly Brannan, is GIA trained and certified.

Can I take gems out of old jewelry to make new jewelry?

Absolutely! Maybe you have a piece of jewelry that you no longer wear because it looks outdated, or you inherited a ring that has beautiful stones in it, but it is really not your style. Just bring in your jewelry and our designer can collaborate with you on what kind of jewelry you would like to create with the existing diamonds and gemstones. We work hand in hand with the customer throughout the creative process to assure your new piece of jewelry captures your desired look. Any of our knowledgeable, talented sales associates can assist you in designing the piece of your dreams, and our jeweler will make it a reality.

Can I wait while my appraisal or repairs are done?

At Cecil’s Fine Jewelry, we try our best to accommodate your requested time frame. An accurate appraisal requires a careful evaluation of the item followed by the necessary research to arrive at an accurate value. As with appraisals, jewelry repair at Cecil’s is done through a process that requires several quality assurance checkpoints. Our jewelry professionals will provide you with a safe timeframe for completing your service when you place the order.

Does Cecil’s offer financing or payment plans?

Yes, Cecil’s does offer these services. Financing is done through a third party vendor, Wells Fargo. The customer is required to fill out a short application form, provide a valid driver’s license, and one other form of identification, i.e. major credit card, military identity, etc. We can process the application at the store and provide the allotted credit amount limit, while you wait. Another option for our customers is lay-away. We require 25% down payment on the desired jewelry to be purchased. If the item is over $1000 the customer has up to 6 months to pay in full for the item. We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards. For more detailed information about financing through Wells Fargo, please call our store and ask for a sales associate.

How much does it cost to size a ring or repair my jewelry?

Much like having your car engine worked on, a mechanic cannot quote you a repair price over the phone, until he looks at your engine. Jewelry is the same way. Prices on repairs and sizing can flucuate for many reasons. The type of metal used, amount of labor time invested in fixing the piece, and any parts or extra gold that needs to be ordered, can all be variables that will affect the price of the repair. If you need a ring sized, or a piece of jewelry repaired, please bring it into our store and a sales associate will be more than happy to quote you a repair price before any work is done.

Does Cecil’s buy back jewelry or used gold?

Cecil’s does not buy back pre-owned jewelry, offer consignment services of any kind or purchase gold.

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