The Five C’s of Diamond Shopping

The 5 C's of Diamond Shopping

Diamond shopping… It’s one of the most exciting (and likely most expensive) purchases you’ll ever make. Sure, they’re all sparkly and beautiful, and you may be tempted to immediately hand over your wallet to the first sales associate you see, but wait right there! With such an investment, you’ll want to be certain that you’re getting the absolute best value for your cost. That’s where our team of professionals at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry comes in– to educate you on more than just the four Cs you should keep in mind when diamond shopping– but the five.



As the most important “C’ on our list, it’s important that cut is always considered first. In fact, a diamond’s cut is so important that, even if the color and clarity are all perfect, a poorly cut or disproportioned diamond won’t be as eye-catching or shiny as it could be. Don’t make that mistake! In order to maximize your budget, we recommend opting for the highest diamond cut that your budget will allow. From there, everything else will fall into place.



The second thing your eye naturally notices after the cut’s sparkle, is also the second most important of our list– color, or lack thereof. Ranging on a scale from D (rare and absolutely colorless) to Z (light yellow or light brown), the less color that a diamond has, the higher the grade it will be. Colorless diamonds allow more light to be reflected in flashes often referred to as “fire”, whereas diamonds with noticeable color won’t have that same “fire” because they’re not as reflective.



Although diamonds without blemishes are rare, those with inclusions are often so microscopic that they’re quite literally overlooked. The clarity of a diamond is graded at a 10x magnification level. The fewer and less visible the diamond’s blemishes are, the higher the clarity grade it will be given.



The most known, yet also most objective and misunderstood, “C” on our list is carat. Contrary to popular belief, carat does not actually measure the size of a diamond, but instead, the weight of it in metric carats. The larger and heavier, a diamond is, the more increasingly rare it’s considered. Therefore, the diamond’s price-per-carat increases at an increasing rate as well.


Cecil’s Fine Jewelry

Though some people claim there are only four Cs to purchasing diamond, our team at Cecil’s Fine Jewelry likes to believe there are five! At Cecil’s, we hand-select each and every piece of jewelry, and do our best to help make every customers’ experience special. Visit us today to take a look at some of the most beautiful jewelry in Central Arkansas.